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Cool game, love the style, but I wish there was more to do. Made a video of it if anyone would like to check it out (First Game).

Hey! Thank you for playing the game. As you correctly have guessed, there is no real goal other than to make some weird soundscapes. It was a gamejam game and this is how far we got :)


This game reminded me of Plug and Play and Kids. Had a laugh playing this game. Made a little video of it, with one other game.

Thanks. I am a big fan of theirs work. You should check Vectorpark and Haunted Garage, very tasty interactive toys 👌

It was really awesome, I love games that make you question it. I will check them out thank you :D 

Thanks man, I like your enthusiasm in the videos. As you noticed there is indeed no real goal in this other than to enjoy the slurrrrps :) 

Ohhh thank you, yeah I enjoyed the slurrrrpppsss. 




I'm confused...and intrigued.