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Guàishòu 怪兽

A prototype of 2D atmospheric side ScrolLer filled with plants and monSters.

Use your lighting gun to make it to the end or die trying. 


- Move: a/qwerty

- Aim: mouse, hold right click to concentrate the spread, left click to shoot

- "E" to interact

Made in 3 months at Technocité, Mons BELGIUM

Special thanks to AwkwardNaut for his technical support ^^

"Google informs me that Guàishòu 怪兽 means monster, and indeed the creatures you encounter are monstrous. Horrible amalgamations of human parts and other, the Guàishòu in Guàishòu are not unlike the thing from The Thing."

"...the artwork is fantastic and it’s an interesting setting that it would be nice to learn more about. The monster designs are particularly impressive, with each one you encounter being more grotesque and terrifying than the last."
 Alpha Beta Gamer


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现在我知道了 xD


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" IKUN " ?


4个月, 6人团队. 兄弟

THIS IS AWESOOOOOOME :) Really successful cinematic platformer! On a usability note, it doesn't install through the itch io app (it's a shame, probably easy to fix)


Thanks xD !! We really appreciate 
I will try to look into it for itch.io app






I think we are reaching the limit of google translate ^^

I don't speak Chinese yet




没有那么厉害, 我朋友帮了我    (´ ∀ ` *)
我很高兴你喜欢它 !


Good game ! 

What is your game engine ?


Thanks ! 
The engine is Unity.

this was a pretty cool demo. keep up the good work.

Thanks !

I really enjoyed this! short, but sweet. i definitely have a great idea of what's to come in the future of this project. i hope to see more from you guys soon.

Thanks !


Despite being a very short demo, I loved the concept, the atmosphere, the tension and insecurity proportionate by the game. You have a good future with this work man, keep it up!

Cheers !

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Very cool art style and gameplay. The story is very mysterious and strange. I love the animation and lightning. I would say it is a bit slow. Not a lot of strategy involved. Overall if there is more coming I would love to see what other elements of gameplay you guy would add. I feel like I missed something...

Its the second game in the video

Thanks. Nice reflexes. You did miss a scarier spider at the end ;-)

What? Aw poop. Did I miss a button?

At the end, before the pipe tunnel. If you wait to see what is doing the scary screaming, you will met her

Fantastic, a really nice surprise! Hope to see more in the future!

Thank you !

nice pixels



very cool

Thanks !!
To be precise, it's not a nuke bomb but a chemical one (Like Agent orange sort of).

Great creature design and I loved the concept. Couple of niggles but for such a short development time very well made! 

Thank you for playing
The last of us is indeed an inspiration 😉

Is this set in China or Japan?

It's set in an alternative retro-futuristic Taïwan.

I love the style and the artwork. the monster's ARE very unsettling AND THE INVIMENT IS AMAZING. my only problem was the pacing, it was a little to slow so i would suggest a sprint function. other than that i love this game 

Thanks, that was fun 😁

Enjoyable game, confusing ending, the hitbox for the enemy attacks and the aiming is a little wonky but overall really good game.

Thanks ! You did miss the queen spider at the end tho. Our bad because we made that possible 😲

Glad you enjoyed it anyway 🙂

Excellent art design: both background, character, and monster. Lacking in mechanics, however: character seems sluggish and slow (both in terms of travel and gun speed); 'E to Interact' should also be taught when Shift and Click for gun controls are taught at the sign, or at least explained in a READ ME file. Monsters seemed overpowered: 5+ shots seems extensive when accounting for the reload lag. Would love to see this as a finished game, however; great potential and again, phenomenal art

Thanks or the feedbacks. It could certainly be juiced up with more features and better feeling.

seems like we already got the ambient and aesthetic right ^^


This was INSANELY good! The art style is unmatched, the enemies are some of the most frightening I've ever seen, and the gameplay feels realit smooth and responsive. Overall an amazing experience, and I realit hope to see more added to this! Awesome work!

Thanks a lot for your play through and enthusiasm it's encouraging 😁

Pros and cons are down below) Check out my vid here (subs and likes are highly appreciated, they help out a lot!):


1. The style is unique. I have never seen something similar and this is one of the few games playing which it didn't remind me of something else. It's so very cool to see something fresh!

2. The game is scary. There are no jumpscares or somthing like that. Just the main character and loads of monsters. They are creepy, I mean disturbing, like really disgusting. And I love that. I have no idea how you came up with these monsters but that is something that I will never forget. Great job!


1. Too short. I want more! Can't wait till the full game comes out! Hope there's gonna be lots of lore and story and explanations and characters! Your project here is amazing.

2. I think that if you are going to make the full version of the game then it's gonna get pretty repetitive and boring really fast with the same weapon and character. I mean, that for the bigger project there will have to be new weapons, characters, abilities, arthefacts ot something like that to make the gameplay vary from time to time and spice things up a bit.


That was great. I rate this little game 5/5 and I hope that somthing bigger is on its way) I would really like to check it out! Keep up the great work!

Hope my feedback was useful!


Thank you for you playthrough and feedbacks.

No worries, if we were to make a longer game out of it, we would make sure to had more features to juice it up ^^


One of the scariest side-scroller game I've ever played!

Thanks. Nice reflexes at the end, that was pretty epic !


It's quite well done and refreshing to see something like this from a small team project. I felt pretty immersed and found companionship in my lighting gun lol. Thanks and Keep Up the Good Work.

Thanks ^^


Verry nice game! 

Thanks Dogflin !


I think Guaishou is fantastic, and this is just a prototype? I think it should certainly become a full release! Depending on the overall length you want the game to be, it could certainly use some gear upgrades to keep things fresh. But overall, I think you did a fantastic job on Guaishou, and hope to see more! 

Hey thanks a lot Jack,
it was cool to watch your playthrough, and get your feedbacks.
 you've uncovered a few bugs, sorry for that ^^
We will see if we can make a bigger game in this vibe ;-)

This is great! The monsters looks like spider humanoids, kind of reminded me of a manga where everything was destroyed by monsters and humans have to claim the land again. Definitely worth the play!

Two things I want to mention, if you have duel screen the mouse can get out of the game and make the game seems not responsive and the game start lagging when everything goes dark on the last segment of the game. 

thanks, that was fun ^^


Omedeto on the game, I look forward to seeing the full game.

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer

Awesome reacts ! Hope you slept well ;)


Hey! Really liked this one's artstyle and overall atmosphere. Hope (and know)  the full game will be as interesting and challenging :D Here's my silly take on it. yes, i died a LOT 

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Thanks, glad you liked it !

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you were almost there ^^