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A zen experience about two friends rambling up the mountain.

Done through internship at  Thomas Waterzooi, took the occasion to learn Adventure Creator.
So with Thomas's technical help I created this little experience for you my friends.
I hope you will like it. 

My cousin Lucid Green did the music and if you like great chill hop music, you should check his other tunes there:    Spotify     Bandcamp    Soundcloud

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(11 total ratings)
AuthorsApophenia 23, Thomas Waterzooi
Tags2D, artgame, Futuristic, Hand-drawn, Lo-fi, LÖVE, nature, Point & Click, relationship, Relaxing


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I really enjoyed the experience. 

That background is lovely. Thanks for making this!


Thanks !

I made it for you my friend ;)


Great game! Also the Linux build works just fine.

Thanks :) 


Was a beautifully made game; the little tip taps of the footsteps, the simple music notes in the background, the really well made art with just the colour red accentuated; these were all really beautiful and went together so well.

The highlight of the game being the conversation was also really sweet and super interesting and also very thought provoking. It was pretty natural and almost like the player was there itself. just wished I hadn't gotten to the end so soon..

Overall, this was a great game and fun to play!

Thanks ! It's great to hear that. 
It's always nice to watch someone play your game. Glad you liked it


Really good game bro!! I like it!

Thanks bro !

Did a gameplay on a Mac mini M1, Good game! You should do a part 2 ;)

Cool, it looks like it works just fine.
Thanks, maybe one day I will :

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This seems like a legitimate thing to do with your friend! Go climb a mountain, pick up some berries and mushrooms, and talk about stuff. Sounds like a fun time to me!

Thanks !


Definitely one of my favorite games now, liked the little fourth wall break at the end and the dialogues got me interested. Great job

Yess  ^^ ! Thank you !

This is definitely more of a zen experience than a game, you definitely did a great job seeing that this was you learning how to use AC; The fact that we can pick berries and mushrooms while we read the dialog is a nice touch but it was too distracting for me and ended missing some of it.

The music as well as the art (really cool layered background) are awesome and blend well together, if I could wish for something between this experience is that it was more of a conversation, you know like a lot of choices to get different interactions since that is something that AC excels at and it gives so much more interaction.

Again, this is just a friendly suggestion, if not for this project maybe for a future one, I did enjoy it even if the topics were not my favorites, and again it's pretty well done, good job!

Thanks or the detailed feedbacks. It's kind of experimental and not very suited for commented playthrough I think. Interesting tho. Buts it's a lot of rambling for voice over 😁. It's nice you gave it a try.

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Glad you liked it 😃