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You are the warden of the sun.

Enjoy walking him around a two dimensional universe.

"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey"

This game is a graduation project - ESA St-Luc Brussels / Bachelor Degree in Digital Art

It serve as a prototype/demo to try out the concept and the universe.

I am actually working on a vertical slice of the full lenght adventure wich is gonna be longer and with plenty more stuff to discover and  interact with. 

You can follow the struggling on facebook or twitter. 

Who made it ?

Ennio Dal Farra : concept, scenario, game design, environment design, characters design, animations and colors

Gaëtan Lourmiere  : the sound design

Timothée Sinagra : the musics

With the help of 2 other students from my class  for the very first version  https://kvall.itch.io/reditumprototype  :

Katherini Skarpalezos  for some extra animations & coloring,

Noe Narcisse ( Kvall ) programming.

Then  for the more polished version here :

Theo Dal Farra ( extra drawings )

Raphael Rainard (animation and extra drawings),

Ferenc Sáfrány-Kovalik  AKA Safran (extra coding) 


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Reditum.zip 95 MB
Reditum-linux.zip 100 MB
Reditum-Mac.app.zip 99 MB


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loved it! the music, trippy aesthetics and the peaceful gameplay works well together, can't wait to see where this goes ^^

Thanks a lot ! The project is on stand by for now, as I am practicing on smaller projects, but it will be back even stronger 💪

I loved your maskless game by the way, especially the flute guy ^^


It's like an interactive Felix Colgrave music video!

Well, that is VERY flattering, thank you !

Game is awesome and the art.. IS BEATIFULL

Thanks !!

Great work, I really love this. Would love to play more of it. The art is outstanding!

Thanks, I really appreciate ! Well, I am trying to get some funds to make the longer version with my brother. Here is a glimpse at how it's gonna look next : 

So was this a demo or a full game?

it is more like the full proof of concept sort of. 

But it is like 10%  of the written project.

I am making it for real now. Better illustrations and animations, stronger story etc..

I am just stuck with trying to find funds, get a legal statut and all that. 

It is a demo/prototype now, and one day it will be a full game, if that answer your question.

maybe do a kickstarting campaign?

well yes, it is the plan actually, but before that I need to make sure I got the rest covered. Kickstarter aren't always successful, so I must make sure I prepared enough material to make peoples really wants to back the project. Since I am pretty new to all this, and facing a mountain of work right now, it might take a while 😓

Super chouette promenade complètement féérique et psychédélique ! Très joli boulot ! On a envie de passer nettement plus de temps dans cet environnement.

Maxime (fête de la gratuité musée à Bxl)

merci !Ca fait plaisir a lire  :-) 

On travaille activement sur la version longue !

My turn.....by the way, I love this

Thanks you man. It s nice to see you enjoying it !

Since letting the devs know is a thing people do apparently! I also played your game for my youtube channel. Lovely stuff, keep it up friends :)


thanks for your kind words. We are making a full lenght version :-) 

This looks very very nice, as soon as I'm done with duties I have atm I'm checking this out!

It's just a glimpse at the universe we are creating,  we hope you gonna enjoy the short relaxing walk demo as it is ;-)

I  like it when I see something I have not seen before. I am as Leto II, God-Emperor of Dune - experiencing same things over and over again makes me sad and tired :)

^^ haha, you might get that feeling if you cycle around in Reditum for too long. At least the colours and musics will changes, so it's a new same thing every time.
Hopefully there will be plenty more to explore and discover and also to interact with and quests and puzzles in the complete version  ;-)

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@Apophenia 23, @safran, I love you

hahaha, what a pleasing message to read this morning .

We love you too

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Very cool game. keep it up

Thank man, we will 

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Its a nice game, this game have future. Pls dont stop making it.

and sry about my english.... i dont know if i write right

thank you, we appreciate ! And we are not stopping , it's gonna be a real full game one day :-) 

THis IS the coolest game!! The colors are so pretty and the atmosphere is so nice!

Thank you !! This is still a prototype though, the full game is in development :)

It's a very beautiful game,but I can't play it...(I'm using Windows) I open it,but it doesn't reacts when I click(play nor exit)...Please help! I really wanna play it!

the project is still in development so we apologize for the bugs.
we will need a little bit more informations, like your version of windows and maybe what resolution you are playing on, we have a contact email, and if you send those infos there,  we will be happy to search for a fix, and send you another build of the game, and hopefully you 'll be able to enjoy the trip :)

you can contact us at apopheniamailbox@gmail.com.

I apologize for the trouble,I downloaded it on another computer and it works. Again,sorry for the trouble.

No worries .We are happy to know you finally get to enjoy it !-)


great and beautiful game I love it 

Thanks DaVeshad ,we are glad you liked it

Thanks for watching and again this game is amazing and beautiful.

beautiful game :)

posted to /r/artgames


We appreciate that, thanks.

 Great collection by the way ,and we totally agree with your manifesto ;-)

Awesome! Thanks! :D


SUN STROKE ME HARD ! | Reditum Full Gameplay Walkthrough


Thanks sirfancylot , it's fun to watch you enjoying the trip :-)