A downloadable game

You are the warden of the sun.

Enjoy walking him around a two dimensional universe.

"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey"


Reditum.zip (95 MB)
Reditum-linux.zip (100 MB)
Reditum-Mac.app.zip (99 MB)


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It's a very beautiful game,but I can't play it...(I'm using Windows) I open it,but it doesn't reacts when I click(play nor exit)...Please help! I really wanna play it!

the project is still in development so we apologize for the bugs.
we will need a little bit more informations, like your version of windows and maybe what resolution you are playing on, we have a contact email, and if you send those infos there,  we will be happy to search for a fix, and send you another build of the game, and hopefully you 'll be able to enjoy the trip :)

you can contact us at apopheniamailbox@gmail.com.


great and beautiful game I love it 

Thanks DaVeshad ,we are glad you liked it

Thanks for watching and again this game is amazing and beautiful.

beautiful game :)

posted to /r/artgames


We appreciate that, thanks.

 Great collection by the way ,and we totally agree with your manifesto ;-)

Awesome! Thanks! :D


SUN STROKE ME HARD ! | Reditum Full Gameplay Walkthrough


Thanks sirfancylot , it's fun to watch you enjoying the trip :-)