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It's like an interactive Felix Colgrave music video!

Well, that is VERY flattering, thank you !

Game is awesome and the art.. IS BEATIFULL

Thanks !!

Great work, I really love this. Would love to play more of it. The art is outstanding!

Thanks, I really appreciate ! Well, I am trying to get some funds to make the longer version with my brother. Here is a glimpse at how it's gonna look next : 

So was this a demo or a full game?

it is more like the full proof of concept sort of. 

But it is like 10%  of the written project.

I am making it for real now. Better illustrations and animations, stronger story etc..

I am just stuck with trying to find funds, get a legal statut and all that. 

It is a demo/prototype now, and one day it will be a full game, if that answer your question.

maybe do a kickstarting campaign?

well yes, it is the plan actually, but before that I need to make sure I got the rest covered. Kickstarter aren't always successful, so I must make sure I prepared enough material to make peoples really wants to back the project. Since I am pretty new to all this, and facing a mountain of work right now, it might take a while 😓

Super chouette promenade complÚtement féérique et psychédélique ! TrÚs joli boulot ! On a envie de passer nettement plus de temps dans cet environnement.

Maxime (fĂȘte de la gratuitĂ© musĂ©e Ă  Bxl)

merci !Ca fait plaisir a lire  :-) 

On travaille activement sur la version longue !

My the way, I love this

Thanks you man. It s nice to see you enjoying it !

Since letting the devs know is a thing people do apparently! I also played your game for my youtube channel. Lovely stuff, keep it up friends :)


thanks for your kind words. We are making a full lenght version :-) 

This looks very very nice, as soon as I'm done with duties I have atm I'm checking this out!

It's just a glimpse at the universe we are creating,  we hope you gonna enjoy the short relaxing walk demo as it is ;-)

I  like it when I see something I have not seen before. I am as Leto II, God-Emperor of Dune - experiencing same things over and over again makes me sad and tired :)

^^ haha, you might get that feeling if you cycle around in Reditum for too long. At least the colours and musics will changes, so it's a new same thing every time.
Hopefully there will be plenty more to explore and discover and also to interact with and quests and puzzles in the complete version  ;-)

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@Apophenia 23, @safran, I love you

hahaha, what a pleasing message to read this morning .

We love you too

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Very cool game. keep it up

Thank man, we will 

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Its a nice game, this game have future. Pls dont stop making it.

and sry about my english.... i dont know if i write right

thank you, we appreciate ! And we are not stopping , it's gonna be a real full game one day :-) 

THis IS the coolest game!! The colors are so pretty and the atmosphere is so nice!

Thank you !! This is still a prototype though, the full game is in development :)

It's a very beautiful game,but I can't play it...(I'm using Windows) I open it,but it doesn't reacts when I click(play nor exit)...Please help! I really wanna play it!

the project is still in development so we apologize for the bugs.
we will need a little bit more informations, like your version of windows and maybe what resolution you are playing on, we have a contact email, and if you send those infos there,  we will be happy to search for a fix, and send you another build of the game, and hopefully you 'll be able to enjoy the trip :)

you can contact us at

I apologize for the trouble,I downloaded it on another computer and it works. Again,sorry for the trouble.

No worries .We are happy to know you finally get to enjoy it !-)


great and beautiful game I love it 

Thanks DaVeshad ,we are glad you liked it

Thanks for watching and again this game is amazing and beautiful.

beautiful game :)

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We appreciate that, thanks.

 Great collection by the way ,and we totally agree with your manifesto ;-)

Awesome! Thanks! :D


SUN STROKE ME HARD ! | Reditum Full Gameplay Walkthrough


Thanks sirfancylot , it's fun to watch you enjoying the trip :-)